What We Do

I-CAN YOUTH FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization, dedicated to serving our youth through sports, mentoring, tutoring, life skills, and summer basketball exposure. I-Can Youth Foundation is comprised of community volunteers such as parents, members of Law Enforcement, Aero Space, Clergy, Firemen, Military Personnel, Entertainers, etc. Our Staff and volunteers dedicate many hours of service working with the local youth helping them reach their full potential and become, productive members of society. We strongly support and encourage our youth to excel academically and athletically and work diligently to establish an environment that is conducive to accomplish these goals. Through our program we are proud to announce that we currently provide services for more that 1,000 youths annually. Without these services, many young people would be left with no positive adult role models or mentors who can help direct them through, difficult periods in their lives.

Rudolph "Rock" Johnson

 Rock spent nearly 20 years of his youth and young adulthood incarcerated before embarking on his journey towards redemption. As an Original Compton Crip gang member (‘O.G.’), this fatherless boy began his career of crime at the age of eleven, and ended it in solitary confinement at Folsom State Prison.  After meeting legendary football player, actor and social activist Jim Brown, Rock turned his life around by joining Brown’s Amer-I-Can Program.  This organization teaches a 90-hour course in life management skills that transcends race, religion and socioeconomic status. Rock is currently executive coordinator and personal assistant to Brown, who also serves as his surrogate father.

Through Rock’s tireless work at transforming lives through life skills, he discovered that basketball was a viable ‘fast track’ to not only ingraining viable ‘prosperity training’ but also assisting young men obtain ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities at higher education.  Rock has been acknowledged and celebrated on a local, regional and national level for his undying quest to build, reform and advance America’s youth.  Rock is always looking for interested parties, partners, soul mates and kindred spirits to make a better world for us all.