At a time when our nation’s children and young adults are in critical need of positive role models and mentoring, the I-Can Youth Foundation is here to answer the call. Although our signature summer basketball program attracts many Los Angeles-area youth, it is the mentoring, tutoring and life skills instruction that captures their hearts, and transforms their lives.

  • 50% drop out of school
  • Only 2.9% make it to college
  • 7,000+ gang members in 2-mile radius
  • 52% less likely to skip school
  • 46% less likely to use drugs
  • 83% less likely to join gangs

I-Can serves more than 1,000 youth annually with direct services. We also have an alumni network that extends our reach exponentially. 



Our volunteers are comprised of people from all walks of life, including parents, teachers, members of law enforcement, clergy, and even celebrities. However, the one thing we all share is the sincere desire to help all young people achieve their full potential and become productive members of society.